Question: Currently SBFD/ESD#2 is funded by property taxes. Will we go for the sales and use tax?

Answer: If there is a need to pursue the Sales and Use Tax then the ESD is not opposed to such a pursuit.

​Question: Have we clearly defined the role and duties of ESD? What if any will be separation of power and decision making between the ESD and the fire chief? Will the ESD give all operational control to the fire chief to run the department as he feels necessary for the best interest of the department? Will the bylaws be changed to establish a framework of roles and responsibilities between the chief and ESD with input from the department that is voted on by the members?

Answer(s):  The ESD will act like a Board of Directors. The Chief will be like the CEO and control the operations of the Fire Dept. The ESD has no desire and/or qualifications to direct day-to-day operations of the Dept.

​The ESD wants transparency and the ability for recourse in the event that the Chief is not directing the Department properly and in the best interests of the residents of ESD#2, ESD#9.

The ESD is a state regulated entity. Once the Sam Bass Fire Dept. becomes employees of the ESD, then SBFD will no longer be a contractor and the business bylaws will no longer be necessary. The Chief may choose to gain input from the FD members and conduct emergency services as he/she sees fit under the budget constraints set forth by the ESD.



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